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Free for 1 Year: The Customer Identity Platform for Startups

Save $20,000

The Auth0 for Startups program is free for one year and includes: 100,000 monthly active users; 5 Enterprise Connections, 50+ Social & IdP connections; Passwordless authentication; Breached Password Detection; and 30+ SDKs and quickstarts. Sign up today, and with a few lines of code, you can have Auth0 integrated in any app written in any language and any framework.

Redemption instructions:
You will be redirected once you click the button. Please send any questions about our startup program to You can also read more at

Special Restrictions:
Startups must have less than $5M USD in funding, less than $1M USD in Annual Recurring Revenue, and be less than two years old. Offer not available to existing paid customers.

Available for new customers only

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