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How It Works

When you need qualified users for discovery, feedback, or testing your product, you can find them on Lightster. First, you build a community and set it up with the criteria that defines your customer profiles, such as Age, Location, Job Title, and even your own custom screening questions. From there, we do the work to match you with thousands of users. You can view detailed profiles of each user and connect with them through chat or online sessions. In each session you can share your screen, record the session and receive automatic voice transcriptions.


Unlimited chat with any user

AI-enabled voice transcriptions for sessions

Automatic recruitment of users into your personal communities

Works on iOS, Android, and Web

Free user recruitment by our support team where needed



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Airtable is an all-in-one collaboration tool used by startups of all sizes, ranging from teams in accelerators to hyper-growth companies like WeWork, Airbnb, and Slack. With Airtable, you can do everything from plan a product launch, to organize user feedback, to manage fundraising outreach.