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Up to $50,000 in credits for 2 years

Save up to $50,000

Offer Includes: - $50,000 in Segment credits that last 1 year, an additional year of credits if you still qualify, then a year at a 50% discount, then 1 year at a 25% discount; - Access to our dealbook of over $1M in other software deals; - Expedited support, access to our webinars and content to help startups get analytics right.

Redemption instructions:
Click the button to be redirected to a form. Fill in your information to apply.

Special Restrictions:
Startups must be: <$5M USD in funding < 24 months since founding Cannot be a subsidiary or spin off of a larger company

Available for new and existing customers

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Scholarship up to 1 year free

Save $40,000

Amplitude is a digital analytics platform that includes all of the tools that product builders need: product analytics, experimentation, and a customer data platform (CDP). Amplitude lets you: - Analyze what makes your users convert and retain. - Monitor your key metrics and KPIs and understand why they're moving. - Roll out new features with confidence and statistical rigor. - Send your behavioral data and cohorts to hundreds of destinations.